Personal Pronouns

Ndebele English Example Meaning
mina me/I Mina ngithanda ukubala I love to read
wena you Udlani wena? What are you eating?
bona them/they Bahambe ngaphi bona? Where did they do?
lina yous/you lot Lifunani lina? What do you lot want?


When talking to a group (lina) the prefix of the adjective (funani) is changed from the singular (u) to the plural (li). So lifunani verus ufunani.

Possessive Pronouns

Ndebele English Example Meaning
lami mine Ibhuku lami My book
lakho yours Iphepha lakho Your paper
yami mine Inja yami My dog
yakho yours Indlu yakho Your house
lawe with you Ngihambe lawe I am going with you
wami mine Umama wami My mother


Not sure of the definitive rule here on which to pick. For example when do you know to use lami over yami?

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